How can you secure your child in a car?

1. ecure your child in a carWith the appearance of a child in the family the priorities of car journeys become safety and convenience for the little passenger. You need to buy a baby seat, take care of the special stickers on the rear window of a car and much more.

Experts insist that baby car seat is not a luxury but a necessity. After all not only child’s health but also its life may depend on the availability of a seat.

In addition, going to a long trip you should:

  • Fund your automotive first aid kit. Make sure that you have enough drugs for the trip. Take antipyretic and analgesic medicines, as well as anti-allergy drugs. It will be useful to take remedy for motion sickness as well as the summer sun cream.
  • Make sure that the child will not be bored in the trip, otherwise it will be cranky.
  • Check basic systems of the car and tire condition along with Chevy Equinox light fixture.

This is the most important item in this list, as the two main conditions of successful completion of any trip are a reliable car and good traction with the road surface. To make tire to “keep” the way, the residual depth of the tread should be at least 4 mm, Otherwise there is a risk of losing control on the wet road. So, before you go, please rate the degree of deterioration of tires.