How to choose the right car battery.

The most of car lovers face the need to buy and replace the car battery. Of course, to make a right purchase, you should know some important matters.

car battery

So, you should pay special attention to the following characteristics:

“The capacity of batter” is the main parameter you should consider when buying the car battery.
It is different in every car.
Capacity indicates the amount of energy that you battery can accumulate and save during charging.
“Dimensions and connection type of clamps“. In the car industry, the dimensions and terminal clamps have standard sizes.
You can buy the battery, similar to the old one, or contact the car shop and choose the analog, suitable for your car. Pay attention to the sizes, polarity and a type of battery.
“Starting current”. It is the maximum current that can be generated to the starter, which spins not yet heated engine at the start. With the equal capacity, it is better to buy the battery with the bigger starting current.