Repair of the alloy wheels

The most common damage of the alloy wheels are: breach of geometry, cracks, loss of fragments, and also scuffings, scratches and chips on the surface. If the last ones are not too deep, they are eliminated by polishing, sand- and shot-blast processing. Otherwise, you’ll have to use welding.

Repair of the alloy wheels

The breach of geometry happens when the force of the blow exceeds the tensile strength of the wheel. To restore an original form, you should use the rolling of wheels. In the case of the alloy wheels, this process actually represents correcting, and not rolling. However, this word is so widely used in colloquial speech that everybody understands it.

If the blow was too strong, the wheel will get cracks or can even lose some pieces. The welding is used for their repair. The cracks are welded, and the lost fragments are built on.

After the repairing all damage and deformation, the wheels should be painted, as due to the damage the integrity of protective coating breaches, which can cause the beginning of corrosion. In the end, after collecting the wheel, you should make a balancing.

Now even the well-equipped auto shop can restore even the heavily damaged alloy wheels. Therefore, you’ll be able to use them as usual, without having to the new ones.